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Welcome to your Owner’s Corner! Explore these pages and find helpful information about your home away from home. Enjoy!

Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation is a document to define the legal corporation registered with the State. It provides a general description of the components of the organization, its operations, intentions, members etc.
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Detail how the association is operated such as how the BOD is determined, when meetings are to be held and how business should be conducted.
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Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions are Association documents that govern how the association is run including a legal description of what the property is and what it can be developed into.
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Disclosure Statement & Public Report
Formally outline the initial intention and description of the development, such as location, size, type of ownership to be sold, future expansion plans, etc.
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Rules & Regulations
Specifically establish how reservations are processed, and  includes house rules for the property itself, as approved by your BOD.
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Financial Info

ABC Policy
Assessment Billing and Collection Policy is adopted by the BOD in accordance with the association documents to dictate the timing and structure of the billing process.
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An association budget is utilized to manage the association operating and reserve finances.
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Financial Statements
2017 – AOAO
2017 – IOA
2016 – AOAO
2016 – IOA
2015 – AOAO
2015 – IOA
2014 – AOAO
2014 – IOA
2013 – AOAO
2013 – IOA
2012 – AOAO
2012 – IOA
2011 – AOAO
2011 – IOA
2010 – AOAO
2010 – IOA
2009 – AOAO
2009 – IOA
2008 – AOAO
2008 – IOA

Meeting Minutes


Current Newsletter
Issue 1, 2018

Past Newsletters
Issue 2, 2017
Issue 1, 2017
Issue 2, 2016
Issue 1, 2016
Issue 2, 2015
Issue 1, 2015
Issue 2, 2014
Issue 1, 2014
Issue 2, 2013
Issue 1, 2013

Let us know…
…when you move, update your email address, change your phone number, change your marital status, or have any other significant change in your personal status. The most current contact information is necessary to keep you up-to-date with important notices, maintenance fee statement billings and general communications from your association. Keeping us informed of your current address helps save substantial monies on postage of returned mail, thus helping to keep your maintenance fees low.

Call us at 866-889-9369 x.1 or complete this form so we may update our database. (Note: including your current home address will help us locate your account): click here.

Meeting Notices

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule*


  • Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Board Meeting – Kahana Falls
    Thursday, March 21, 2019 Annual Owners Meeting – Kahana Falls
  • Wednesday, September 25, 2019 Budget Meeting - Trading Placess
    Thursday, September 26, 2019 Budget Meeting - Trading Places

Contact your board of directors at

*Specific times, dates, and locations are subject to change. Please contact Trading Places International at 866-889-9369 ext. 1 or email for the most up-to-date and specific information.

Board Information

Association of Apartment Owners (A.O.A.O.) and
Interval Owners Association (I.O.A.)

Board of Directors Mission and Goals

Contact your Kahana Falls board members at

A.O.A.O. & I.O.A.
Jesse Arman
Jesse Arman
Estero, FL
Vice President
Milton Jantzen
Milton Jantzen
Pismo Beach, CA
Martin Hewitt
Martin Hewitt
Rising Sun, MD
Katherine Ivey
Katherine Ivey
Flower Mound, TX
Karen Cornwell
Karen Cornwell
Santa Clara, CA
Kevin Ramage
Kevin Ramage
Kamloops, B.C. Canada

President's Message


Welcome to the Kahana Falls Resort:

We are your home away from home and consider our owners, renters and exchange guests to be part of our Kahana Falls "family." Whether swimming at the beach across the street, enjoying our free form pool and water falls, working out in our fitness center or reading a book on your lanai, you will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful grounds at Kahana Falls. Our well kept resort and friendly staff will enable you to relax and experience the "aloha spirit" during your visit with us.

We as the Board, our on-site management team and Trading Places International wish you an enjoyable and relaxed time in Maui.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Jesse Arman


Why Trading Places International?
Trading Places will provide the very highest level of quality, exchange power, guest services and value possible. You will love the enhancements and expanded services TPI provides all Kahana Falls owners.

When is check in / check out time?
Check in time at Kahana Falls is 4:00 pm. Check out time is 10:00 am.

How do we use our owner time?
There are lots of options. You can spend the time at your home property; you can exchange your time to another property; you can exchange your time for a different time at your home property; or you can deposit it for use next year. Believe it or not, you can even use next year's week this year.

How do we go about using one of the options?
Everything begins with a reservation and confirmation. You first need to make a reservation for your owner week through Trading Places Reservations (or owner services) department. They'll send you a confirmation, which you’ll need before using, exchanging, or renting your week.

What if we want to exchange for another week or at another property?
You need to contact Trading Places International or one of the other exchange companies and deposit your reservation with them. If you are going to another Trading Places property, you can deposit your time with them at the same time you make your reservation.

Do we have to know which property we want to exchange into at the time we deposit?
No. But, just like making your reservation, the earlier you request a specific location, the more likely you are to get it.

What if we can't get a reservation at our home property for the time of year we want to be there?
Just make a reservation for whatever time is available and then give it to TPI or another exchange company and ask for an internal exchange. That's when you exchange one time period at your Home Property for a different time at that same property.

Sometimes we can't take a vacation and other times we can take more than one week. Is there anything we can do about that?
There sure is. Through TPI (or another exchange company) you can save this year's week and use it next year along with that year's week. Or, you can use next year's week along with this year's. Also, don't forget you can often rent additional time at the property where you're staying. It's a great way to extend your vacation. And, sometimes you can get better flight arrangements by traveling on a different day. If you do, just rent the additional time you need.

What if we can't use our reserved week at all? Can we carry it over to next year?
No. At least, not without giving it to an exchange company like Trading Places first. They can accrue it for you and allow you to use it within the next two years.

When does my owner week expire?
Your owner week expires at the end of each calendar year. If you cannot use your week during that year, please call a representative to discuss your options.

Can a guest use my unit?
Yes a guest can use your unit. Just give Trading Places a call and let them know the name of the guest. There is no fee for your guests to use your unit.

Can we use only part of our week?
You can't reserve just part of a week. You must reserve a full seven days for each week of use, but you may be able to exchange a three or four day portion of your reserved time depending on the exchange company's rules. Of course, the number of days you actually stay is up to you, but you will be considered to have used all of whatever you reserved or exchanged.

We heard someone mention Bonus Weeks. What are they and how do we use them?
Some buyers at Kahana Falls paid extra for the right to use an extra week in any given year. In addition to the maintenance fee on their regular week, they must pay the maintenance fee for the year in which they use the Bonus Week, as well. Bonus Weeks can be reserved up to 9 months in advance.

Use Time Calendar

Timeshare Calendar for exchanges into Kahana Falls.
(These exchange calendars may not coordinate with your home resort use week calendars)

(Click on calendar year to enlarge)


Owner Use Forms

It is important that owners indicate their intended plans for owner use time. Please use the forms below to complete the Owner Use Form online. If you are having an issue with the forms below, please send your requests to

2020 Owner Use Form
2019 Owner Use Form
2018 Owner Use Form


Have you moved, changed your contact information, changed your marital status or had any other significant change in your personal status? Use the following document to assist with any of the following regarding your ownership:

  • Change a name(s)
  • Add or remove a name
  • Transfer to a family member or trust
  • Sell your timeshare to a new owner
  • Retrieve contact information for your Recording Office
  • And more

Click Here to download and print the reference sheet for your records.

Resales Information

Trading Places International does not participate in timeshare resales; however, the following information may be beneficial in starting the resales process. We encourage you to take advantage of this resource center from ARDA.

The ARDA-ROC Timeshare Resale Resource Center

The ARDA-ROC Timeshare Resale Resource Center is available on the website. Please click here to view the new ARDA-ROC Resale Center. This is a one-stop resource to educate timeshare owners about the resale process and to protect them from unscrupulous resale and marketing companies.

The goal of this new Resale Center is to offer owners an objective educational place on the web regarding traversing the thorny secondary market.

The Resource Center offers:

  • Information for consumers on how to find the right type of resale process to meet their individual needs.
  • Checklists to help them through the resale process including questions they may ask potential resale companies.
  • Information on how to identify scams and avoid commonly made mistakes.
  • A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions owners may have about reselling. Some of the most important questions dealing with such issues as whether or not legal and tax advice is believable; how the secondary market is regulated; and where to file complaints, along with websites to verify facts about a resale company.
  • A site that encourages owners to share information on their resale experience and the effectiveness of their resale efforts through an on-line survey.

Source: American Resort Development Association, 2011

Property Taxes

Hale Kipa – $56.31
One Bedroom – $100.06
Two Bedroom – $125.84

Hale Kipa – $49.07
One Bedroom – $87.21
Two Bedroom – $109.67

Hale Kipa – $139.00
One Bedroom – $158.00
Two Bedroom – $192.00

Hale Kipa – $154.00
One Bedroom – $178.00
Two Bedroom – $223.00

IOA Maintenance Fees

Unit Type Maintenance Contribution
2018 2019
Hale Kipa $354.00 $370.00
1 Bedroom $629.00 $657.00
2 Bedroom $791.00 $826.00

Due Date:
Payment is due on or before January 1, 2019. A discount applies to cash/check payments recieved by due date. Discount does not apply to credit card payments.

Unit Type 2019 IOA Assessment
2019 IOA Discount
IOA Payment
with Discount
Hale Kipa $370.00 $11.10 $358.90
1 Bedroom $657.00 $19.71 $637.29
2 Bedroom $826.00 $24.78 $801.22

To Submit a Payment by:

Do not mail post-dated checks.
Please send separate checks for IOA and AOAO payments.

Make checks payable to:
    Kahana Falls IOA
    PO Box 30417
    Los Angeles, CA 90030-0417

Credit Card:
    To pay online: click here
    Or call 866-889-9369 ext. 1
    Discount does not apply to credit card payments.


AOAO Maintenance Fees

Unit Type Maintenance Contribution
2018 2019
Hale Kipa $305.00 $319.00
1 Bedroom $543.00 $567.00
2 Bedroom $683.00 $713.00

Due Date:
Payment is due on or before January 1, 2019. A discount applies to cash/check payments recieved by due date. Discount does not apply to credit card payments.

Unit Type 2019 AOAO Assessment
2019 AOAO Discount
AOAO Payment
with Discount
Hale Kipa $319.00 $9.57 $309.43
1 Bedroom $567.00 $17.01 $549.99
2 Bedroom $713.00 $21.39 $691.61

To Submit a Payment by:

Do not mail post-dated checks.
Please send separate checks for AOAO and IOA payments.

Make checks payable to:
    Kahana Falls AOAO
    PO Box 30417
    Los Angeles, CA 90030-0417

Credit Card:
    To pay online: click here
    Or call 866-889-9369 ext. 1
    Discount does not apply to credit card payments.


2018 Voucher Winners

Important Notice

Kahana Falls is currently working on a flooring replacement project. There may be one or two days of sporadic construction noise during your stay. We will do our best to keep any noise to a minimum. Mahalo!

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